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From the time I picked this hoe up, until the time I dropped her off, she was running her fucking mouth nonstop. Talking about how she had so much "class" and how "fly" a hoe she was. After I got her to the budoir and handed her the $20 bill, she's going to act like it's marked and demand another bill. When I ask dude in the next room for another twenty, saying that the girl I had in my room was paranoid, the bitch is going to get mad and saying I'm acting ignorant and this and that. I got the shit on the videoclip and you gotta watch the shit. Anyway, I had the bitch there and I needed pictures so I didn't say shit and took the pictures. After we got done, she wanted to go buy some weed in the neighborhood that I found her in. I was wary but said ok. She went to the dope house, then came out talking about the bags were too small. So I'm driving her back where I got her, she sees her "cousin" riding a bike and hollars at him. I'm like HELL NO THIS NIGGA AIN'T ABOUT TO SELL NO WEED THROUGH MY MUTHAFUCKIN CAR WINDOW IN THIS HOT ASS NEIGHBORHOOD! And I wasn't about to let him in the car to take him around the corner so now Wanda is really pissed cause she was feinding for some weed.  She then says that I'M disrespecting HER for screaming on her and her cousin. I then start cussing this hoe out loudly, she returns the cussing and we almost end up physically fighting in the car. But since I had just gotten a good job and didn't want to catch another charge, I restrained myself (Thank God). I didn't want to have to call Gary Gerstenfield Esq. again. The arguing and calling each other's mama's hoe's continued until I finally dropped her ass off. THE END...

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