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This website and my job as a pornographer is getting more and more exposure in my local community amongst the niggas in the hood. I'm becoming the "Playboy Of The Ghetto", where a girl sees a friend of hers naked and hears all of the comments from the dudes on the streets that have seen her naked on the internet and then they want to get themselves on this website themselves so that the dudes will say the same thing about them...Plus I always get referrals from other girls who want their friends to get naked for me.

This week's girl, "Doochie Love" is the sister of another girl who has posed on this website and who is now a close friend of mine, "Lonnie-Luscious"...And yes, they are "real" sisters.  One day, my homegirl Luscious told me about her sister who would be willing to pose naked for me. I've met her sister twice before and the first time I saw Doochie was when Luscious took me over to one of her cousins' house to smoke. 

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