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Once again, I had to go to the streets to find some pussy for this week. The Christmas holidays are coming up and I'm going to be spending an insane amount of money for awhile. Therefore, in order to cut back on expenses, I'll be getting girls from the neighborhood until around the new year. I might get a friend of mine to pose. You never know.

There isn't much to say about this girl and I don't feel like writing much since I'm about to gorge myself with food soon. One of my uncles was going to have Thanksgiving dinner over his house but he can't fit all of us niggas in there so he's taking us to a buffet. I'd prefer home cooking but he's paying for it and who am I to complain? Beggars can't be choosers. Either way, I'll still have a few of my hoes making me a plate of food so I'll have plenty of home cookin to eat for the next week.

This woman is 41 years old and has three offspring. I couldn't find a stretchmark on her. She has some juicy pussy and a nice tight asshole.

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