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This 31 year old bi-sexual female is from New Orleans, Louisiana. She lived in the Magnolia projects, the same projects where the Cash Money Clique (Juvenile, Lil Wayne, Manny Fresh, etc) are from....I met her one morning while I was driving to get me some breakfast at a local small cafe-style restaurant.  Just as I was about to pull up in the restaurant parking lot, I saw "Pork Chop" walking on the other side of the street towards the bus stop...Even with the loose jeans that she had on, I could still see her ass sticking way out from across the street so I blew the horn and waved at her and she waved back to me.  We all know that if a female waves back to you after you blow your horn at her, that's the signal for you to come and talk to her....So I turn around and ask her if she needs a ride and she says yes and gets in my car.  Even though I was hungry as hell for some food, I'm always hungry for some new pussy out there that can make me some money and I know for a FACT that this girl will be a big moneymaker for me....I'm the type of nigga that will tell a girl up front that she can make ME a lot of money. I don't give a fuck. If she turns me down, she turns me down.  

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