mature brown plump ghetto booty

Mature Brown Plump Ghetto Booty







After I picked her up, we stopped by a Liquor store around her neighborhood to pick up some beer. She got some King Cobra and I got some Red Bull Malt Liquor. On the way to her crib, she was waving at everybody who was standing outside because from the Liquor Store to the Gas Station, EVERYBODY knew this girl. This is why I call her "HER ROYAL HOE-NESS".

We got to her crib and it was RAGGEDY AS HELL! If you've ever been inside a Crack House in the ghetto you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. She had phone numbers written on the wall, the toilet was stopped up, dirty dishes were in the sink, Kids Toys, old clothes and other useless junk was all over the house. And of course the classic Dirty Ass secondhand ghetto couch was there to make it complete.

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