Big Titty Black Hoodrat Girl







I never met this 20 year old big black tit having young girl until a short time before she got naked. I was introduced to this girl by another girl on this website named "Money". At the time of me writing this, you can still see Money getting fucked if you scroll down a couple of stories....I actually had a choice between two young girls that I was going to shoot. One choice was going to be an 18 year old hoodrat that a girl told me about. When I have a choice, I'll always pick the younger girl even if the older girl is close in age. I just like it when the girl has the "teen" part behind her age. 

Anyway, I was preparing to do a photoshoot with the other girl and all I had to do was call her friend so that she could tell me where I could find the young girl. But before I got around to calling her, "Money" called me and told me that she had a 20 year old girl with huge titties that she wanted me to meet....Since I didn't call the other girl yet, I decided to go ahead and see what the big titty 20 year old looked like. 

I go over to the same raggedy ass house that I told you about in the "Lockjaw" story....I didn't see Lockjaw anywhere around so I guess that she was off with another dumb nigga wasting her time. I never found out because I never asked about her because when I came in the house, there is Money in some tight jeans dancing in the living room and my hello hug consisted of me grinding on her ass to the music for a few seconds instead of hugging her....I then sit on the couch and shoot the shit while Boobzilla gets ready upstairs....When she finally came downstairs, I was pleasantly surprised because she was a SEXY thick ghetto girl with some thick thighs and ass and some huge floppy titties that bounced around on her chest as she walked down the steps. And she's chocolate too. Just like I like em. And since she's 20, she is a good three years from growing out of her "young tender" stage so she's good to go. 

Like I said in my "LockJaw" story, "Money" got mad when I started hanging out with Lockjaw for a second because she thought that she would be losing me as a friend when that was far from the truth. Money is still a young tender. Lockjaw is 35 so I'm keeping my interests in the young girl. Plus she can bring me her young girlfriends like Boobzilla......So as we were driving back across town to my house, Boobzilla says that she's really nervous about taking some naked pictures because she thought that she was too fat and that nobody would like looking at her. 

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