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For all of you "mature" lovers, you'll love this 45 year old bag that I picked up on the streets this past weekend. Some of y'all might not like me putting up these old skanks, but believe me, plenty of y'all love this stuff and I'm the only one that can give it to you like this.

When I got her in the car, I offered her the usual $20. But then she told me that two of her daughters were professional models and she knew what models should be getting paid. She said that I had to pay her more. So I said I'll give her ten dollars more and she said ok. WOW! she really drives a hard bargain huh? :)  On the way to the Budoir, I asked her the usual life story questions. She told me that she has 13 children and 3 sets of twins! I didn't believe her. She also told me that she was on the Montel Williams show because of her twins. Will somebody please call Montel and see if this is true because I think that she was smokin some STRONG shit to be telling me this. 

She also said that one of her daughters models in Paris and her other daughter models out in Chicago and has her own home in the suburbs out here where I live. She was supposed to call me yesterday so that I could meet her 20 year old daughter that she says is fine as hell. If she is as fine as she says she is, I'll throw her a hundred bucks to get naked and see what happens. I'm not holding my breath waiting for this opportunity though.

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