"Tampon Tenisha"..Brought to you by that big pimpin Negro             








When we finally got to the hooker hotel and I paid for the room, right before she got undressed she told me that she was on her period. I asked her why the fuck didn't she tell me that shit in the car and she had the usual "I donít know" response. I said FUCK IT and told her to get those clothes off. She has some nice titties and a decent ass that needed some lotion on it. But she had AN OLD RAGGEDY ASS TAMPON STICKING OUT OF HER PUSSY. You could see the strings hanging down and everything.  She had the nerve to say "I need a new tampon bad". I was thinking "HELL YEAH". Iím not a woman or anything but If I was selling my ass on the streets and had to do all of that walking, Iíd damn sure at least have one clean tampon to change to. 

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