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Anyway, here are some still pictures of the girl named "Spare Change". Y'all should remember the dick sucking video that I put out of her earlier. But there will always be a demand for still pictures and good photography and I don't want to lose my roots of being a good porn photographer.........

Spare change came over my house the very next day because she wanted to make more money to get high..It's a never ending quest to keep yourself high all day. Kinda like being an animal in the jungle and you spend all day trying to find something to eat. It's the same thing with these girls and money and getting high...She was a completely different person from the upbeat girl that I saw the day before. She is still a decent hearted female, but she wasn't able to maintain the performance that she put on earlier. Sooner or later, no matter how much one tries to hide their real selves, their true self will come out under normal circumstances. I have noticed that if you want to catch this girl in a good mood, you have to catch her early in the day after she has just woke up. If you don't, she'll be mean acting by the end of the day after another long day of the roller coaster of getting high and coming down all day.

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