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For the past month, I have been telling y'all about this phone chatline that I discovered and how I was trying to use it to recruit girls to get naked for the website. Well, once again, my prediction has come true. It was cold as hell outside on a Sunday and I didn't feel like driving around because I knew that the pickings were going to be scarce. 

Something in my heart was telling me that if I called the chatline, I would be able to find some pussy. I haven't succeeded any other time to get a girl naked for the site but for some reason I felt that today would be my lucky day. That is where I found Suzie. The way the chatline works is that you make a short intro message for a temporary mailbox. Then you browse the women's mailboxes who are online and if you like what you hear, you press a button to leave a message for her. She's getting messages from not only you but other men. I asked her what she was looking for and she told me that she was looking for "Generous Fun". I sent another message telling her that it was her lucky day cause I was trying to spend some money. 

We then requested a live connection to speed up the price negotiation process. At first she didn't agree to my price and was trying to get snippy so I said cool, left the live conversation, and went back to browsing mailboxes. There weren't any more women on the line and I know for a fact that there are always more women than men on the line since men have to pay for it and for women it's free. I was about to hang up but I knew that she would send me another message reconsidering my offer. Sure enough, she did. She gave me her address and phone number and I was on my way over to her house.

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