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The kind of woman that makes me even more money is the old brawds. The older women are VERY VERY hard to find. I could put up a beautiful young tender and get no emails and then put up a 54 year old toothless bitch and I get emails and rave reviews from my fans. This is why I am bringing you "Ole Rusty But Ready". Rusty is a good friend of last week's girl, "Miss All Ass, No Teeth". When I photographed Miss Allass, I told her that she could make $20 in referral fees if she could hook me up with any of her friends who were willing to get naked. She said that she knew all kinds of bitches who would get naked for even $10 and that she could produce a girl for me the very next day. Well, she sure wasn't bullshitting. The next day, she called me and told me that she had a girl with her right then who was willing to get naked. I hopped in my car and hurried down to the corner store in the hood where I met her the day before. When I drove up, she had a girl with her. However, I didn't shoot her because she was already on this website. Her name was "Bus Stop Stella". She was a hot piece of ass but I don't like to repeat girls so I said that I couldn't use her. 

So then Miss Allass gets in my car and tells me to drive around so we can find one of her friends. We go to this street that's one of the hottest drug streets in the hood. It's the same street that the girl "Buffalo Rump", of this website lives. Miss Allass gets out of the car and goes in the house to get Ole Rusty. But since we came unannounced, it took a long time for Rusty to get ready. Right before Rusty comes out of the house, Miss Allass gets back in my car and demands her  $20 finders fee. I said that she wasn't getting shit until I saw the woman walking out of the house towards the car. Then I saw it. I saw Ole Rusty coming out of the house in an off-white see-through booty outfit. As you can see, the woman ain't no spring chicken. In fact, she's 49 years old. Miss Allass tells me that Rusty used to hoe for some big time pimp that used to be big shit back in the day and she told me his name like I'm supposed to recognize this nigga. I come with the usual reply, "Oh For Real?" and didn't think much of it. 

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