Fat Black Pooter Pussy







The black pussy that I would like to introduce to you this week is a girl named "Pooter". As you can see that she's a big girl and for all of y'all niggas out there that say you don't like big girls need to shut the fuck up and stop lying. I like my women skinny personally but I won't hesitate to get with a big girl if the time is right. I'd lift that stomach up and dig all up in that pussy and I wouldn't give a fuck who knew about it either. I'm now 34 years old. I'm too old to worry about dumb high school shit like that...Niggas will let somebody else tell them what is appropriate to fuck and then they end up losing out on some good pussy out here because of some bullshit outside appearance. And I'm telling you, this girl has some good ass whistling clean pussy with some nice big black wrinkly pussy lips surrounding the pink.  Members will see what I'm talking about.

I originally met this girl over a year ago. I was up in the club one night and I saw "Big Shae" out on the dance floor droppin it like it's hot....So after the club, I ask her what she's about to get into and she said that her and her friend are trying to smoke and kick it. Her friend was Pooter...It was already like 2:30 in the morning and I had two big girls that wanted to get down. So I call "P Dikky", the dude you see on the bottom of this page fuckin that young girl from the back and he came through...We smoked and drank until damn near five in the morning.  During that time, me and P Dikky were fucked up and I don't know how it came up but I ended up eating Pooters pussy...That girl has some good clean juicy pussy on her too.  P Dikky was eating Shae's pussy and everything was gravy. Due to circumstances beyond our control, neither of us were up to fucking them.

So months and months pass and I meet more and more females and eventually I lose contact with pooter and Shae's number got disconnected..So just recently, Shae called me and asked if I ever hooked up with pooter and I said no so we set up a time for me to come over there and shoot some pictures.  At first, she asked if they could come over my house but I was too tired for all of that...I was worn out from Judo class earlier that evening and I didn't feel like bringing them all the way across town so what little liquor and weed I had could be smoked and drank up, leaving me with nothing to smoke on for the next day......I used to like to party a lot with the girls and shit before I took pictures or some video but nowadays, all I want to do is come through, get em naked, pay em, and leave. I'm glad that both me and the females are able to cut all the bullshit and get straight down to BUSINESS, which is all this is.

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