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I'm late with this week's update but I had a good reason. I was in Las Vegas for the Annual Internext Porn Convention. I'll talk about that in a minute...

I saw Ponytail walking down the street in the snow when I was coming out of my babymomma's house one morning. I quickly had to get out to my car to warm it up and get all of the ice off of the windows so that I could catch her in time. I got that ice off like a madman. I hurried so much that I left the right half of my windshield still covered with ice now allowing me to see too well but Fuck It. I had to go get this girl naked. 

Obviously I was able to catch her and get her to the crib naked. As you can see she has a phat ass and all of that and I got the wide open pussy shots as usual. If you're not a member, you need to go ahead and join up. I'm now an established pornographer who now has more connections in the porn industry than the average muthafucka out here. And I obtained them while at the porn convention in LAS VEGAS!

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