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This is the third girl that I met off of the phone chatline. I tell ya, that line is GOLD! I met this 25 year old pitch black girl awhile back on the line and she came over one night to drink and smoke with me. We didn't do anything sexual. I spent most of the night squeezing her titties and trying to convince her to get naked for the website. She gave me a resounding HELL NO I won't do anything like that routine. She was down with fucking though so I kept her phone number handy. Pussy has gotten so easy for me to get now that I don't even want it when it is offered to me. I wish I had the sex drive of an 90 year old man. Then I'd be all about my money and not about the pussy. But as long as my dick can get hard, pussy can always distract me.

Anyway, "Pitch" was having a problem with her sister who she was living with. Her sister has some thug nigga coming over there serving up the dick to her and was putting ideas in her head. Whatever he said to her sister, it worked. Her sister told Pitch that she had to be out of the house by the end of the week and she didn't have money to move. Luckily, they live in a nigga-rigged apartment complex and she was able to negotiate a place to live across the way from her sister. But she still needed money. So in addition to going to the day labor temporary places where they have you picking up trash for $35 a day, she had to call me, "Big Daddy", to help her out with some cash. Of course I was able to help her out. Actually, me and all of my paying members helped her out because we all are contributing to this cause. We don't want a big tittied dark skinned sexy thang like this to end up out on the streets do we? Of course not. I've said it before and I'll say it again. A woman will tell you all day and all night what she WON'T do, but when money gets tight, it's amazing how a woman can easily forget all about her "standards". 

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