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Since it was so easy for me to find last week's girl, "Tampon Tenisha" within 5 minutes, I figured since I was already out on the strip, I might as well catch another hoe today before I go back home.  I saw another girl sitting outside but when I told her about pictures, she said HELL NO and demanded to get out of the car and said that there were other hoes out here who would do that. I told her that I already caught one hoe today and there are so many more out here, I'm gonna catch another one. She's talkin some shit about how this is going to come back on me for taking pictures of girls. I asked her "What's going to happen to the dudes whose dicks you are sucking for money?" Of course the heifer didn't have an answer for that, and I drove the fuck on.  Saying that must have jinxed me because when I hit the strip, all the hoes that I just saw disappeared. Therefore I drove to my alternative neighborhood. The same neighborhood that I picked "LeeLee" up in.

I found this week's girl "PISSY PAULINE" walking around. I told her to get in, gave her the sales pitch, she said cool, and we proceeded to the hooker hotel. I had to take her to the one behind the liquor store because I had already brought "Tampon Tenisha" to my main hooker hotel earlier that day. (no more than one girl per customer in a hotel per day)

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