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It was a wonderful warm breezy Indian Summer night. Even though Fall is here and the nights are getting cooler, this night was a warm breezy night. It was the weekend and everybody was out about to get their groove on by going to parties, over some hoes house to fuck, etc. Being the pussy hunter that I am, I could go outside, take a deep breath, and I could smell all of the sexual energy coming from bitches outside trying to sell their asses out and about my neighborhood.

My new house is smack dab in the middle of the fucking ghetto. Thank God I live on a quiet side street, but if you turn the corner, it's hoe heaven. I was getting ready to go out and find this week's girl and it was around 11 p.m. I stepped out on my porch to take one last puff of Ganja out of my hand carved wooden pipe from Jamaica when I saw Neighborhood Nicole walk right in front of my house going down the street. I pointed her out to my woman and said, "There's a piphead right there!". I was very excited because I now knew that I wouldn't have to go out and look for a girl this week.

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