"Mousey" by Blackvaginafinder







I don't have a lot of stuff to say about this 39 year old woman. I know that she looks every year of 39 with her clothes off but when I saw her on the street in her baggy clothes, at first, I had to ask her how old she was to make sure that she wasn't some kid walking around posing as a crackhead. She's a short petite little thing but she said that she had SEVEN CHILDREN and three grand children! Some nigga was beating this pussy up for years and poppin kids out of her like a muthafucka. I wonder why she's out doing what she does now. If she has seven children, isn't at least ONE of her kids making enough money to keep their mama off of the streets? I don't understand it. I am an only child so if I do something fucked up or if I'm broke, there won't be anybody around to help my mother. I guess when you have a shitload of brothers and sisters, you don't think about stuff like that and you aren't as motivated as an only child would be. 

Anyway, none of that shit matters because all we care about is getting the woman naked and spreading the asscheeks for the camera. What she does with the $25 that I gave her after the photoshoot is her business. It's still sad to see what happens to some of our black women out in the community. I'm sure that this woman could have been a cute sexy petite thang if she was given a better life......But that didn't happen. She ended up with her legs spread on blackvaginafinder.

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