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...Anyway, I was already tired from work and I didn't feel like burning up anymore gas on this day. I figured that I would just come out on the weekend and find a hoe. Right after I decided that I was going home, I saw Michelle the Moocher walking around in one of my main hunting areas. I got her in the car and gave her the sales pitch. At first she said NO but when I came to a complete stop to let her ass back out, and she saw that she was going to lose that $20.00, she changed her mind. She told me that she also wanted 40oz of Budweiser. I said cool. Then right after that, she said, "So does this $20.00 include my Budweiser AND pack of cigarettes? I was like OH HELL NO and started getting hostile with her. I just finished taking some shit off of last week's girl, "WannaBe Fly Wanda" and I wasn't about to take no more stuff off of this one. We immediately corrected the situation and agreed on just the money and the beer.

When we first got back to the "Budoir", she didn't want to show her face in the pictures. After awhile, she started to really enjoy the photo shoot and did whatever I asked of her, including face shots. After we were finished, she was really happy because the pictures really made her feel good about herself. You'll be amazed how getting a woman naked and telling her that people want to see her helps these girls ego's. Let's just hope that her husband doesn't look at this website or it will be her ass.....

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