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I found this week's girl, "Misty The Mulatto", through a girl named Big Shae, who I have featured on this website. This is like the fifth friend of hers that I have shot. Shae called me and told me that she had two to three girlfriends that wanted to come and see me. I told her that I am only shooting one girl of hers for right now. So I went over to the other side of town and picked Shae and Misty up. Misty is mixed Black/White. I think you can tell by her skin, her hair, and her facial features. Now she's a thick girl, don't get me wrong. But she had one of the most BEAUTIFUL pussies that I have ever seen in my life. I joke you not. Once she got on the couch and spread her legs, I knew that I was seeing something very special. I got one pussy shot that was all up in her guts. You can see all of the pussy muscles right there in your face. 

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