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I told y'all about this girl a few weeks ago where I put up the video of me sticking my dick in her mouth. Well, she wanted to take some pictures also. Plus I know you people that don't have high speed connections keep asking for pictures. I won't be putting up a whole lot of pictures but I'll still do it as much as I can to satisfy you. I kind of liked this girl until she pissed me off bigtime...

She came over to my house one day because she wanted to smoke and drink with me. Now I like to get my buzz on, but I can get my buzz on by my damn self. I don't need a woman here smiling in my face while she drinks up my liquor and smokes up all my weed. I can get my buzz on, turn on a video, pull out the babyoil, and masturbate my way into a sexually satisfying night......But since I thought that this was a cool female, I allowed her to come over to my house and participate in the intoxicating substances along with me.

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