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Anyway, I was out in the neighborhood trying to find any girl that I could find that would get naked and didn't have any luck at all. I was even getting desperate enough to approach women that were walking with their boyfriends. That's the only way that I was able to find this girl.......Out on the streets, she uses the name "Lucky". And believe me, Lucky and her boyfriend doesn't give a damn about anything except the loot. That's why I call her "Lucky Loot-tiano".....

I saw lucky and her boyfriend standing on the corner with some wasted looking crackheads and Lucky was lighting up a cigarette...I drove by and waved at her...she waved back so I turned around the corner to meet up with them. When she got to my car, I told her what I wanted to do and she said cool but she wanted her "brother" to ride with us...Now let me describe this nigga to you. He was black as tar with bloodshot mean looking eyes, and a long fresh scar from the bridge of his nose to the tip of his nose. I almost told her no but I had to make a judge of character and let him ride with us. 

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