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I came back out on the strip at like 2:30 pm and after picking up and dropping off three different women, I was able to find this woman named LINDA LOTION-LESS. The first girl I met on the strip on this day was a girl who begged me to give her $25 instead of my usual $20. I agreed and she had me drop her off in front of this house and said she would be right back. Of course she never came. The second girl was cool till I told her $20 and she got the fuck out of the car with the same old "you'll make more money off of this" routine. The third girl y'all would've liked cause she was SPACED OUT LIKE A MUTHAFUCKA. But she wanted $30 cause that's how much her room costs for the night.

I'm glad that I was patient. I saw this woman named Linda hugging some old man a parking lot and then ran off. Knowing that no younger woman would be hugging a raggedy old man unless he was paying her, I assumed that she was "working". So I pulled up to her and got her in the car. We went back to the hooker hotel to take the pics. She was a very friendly woman. We had a good time talking while taking her pictures. Her pussy was clean and smelled good, she had a decent ass, and some decent titties too.  The only thing was that she was ASHY. All she needed to do was slap some lotion on her ass before she hit the strip and she would've been good to go.  She looks hella decent for being 35 years old and having three kidz.

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