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I went out this past Saturday afternoon for this weekís Hoe Hunt. But for some reason EVERY POLICE OFFICER in Washington, D.C. was on the streets patrolling. It must have been some kind of sweep It had to have been "Keep The Niggas Off Of The Streets Day". Cause when I hit the strip, there was NOBODY AROUND. It was the first time ever that I didnít see any hoes out there. So I had to drive over to my backup strip to find this weeks girl.

Even over in the other neighborhood, there were cops everywhere. But the neighborhood was CRAWLING with new hoes Iíve never seen before. There was this white cop at the stop light and right next to him, this phat ass honey was making a deal with this dude who was pulled over. The cop just kept going. So I said fuck it and turned on the strip. I saw this girl named LEE-LEE on the stroll but she went into the cornerstore to avoid the cop. Once he left, she came back out and I caught her on a sidestreet.

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