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I want to present to y'all this 19 year old young bisexual tender ghetto girl named kiki . I met her a couple of months ago when I was bored and driving around looking for something to do. I wasn't looking for any hookers on this day. I was determined to drive around all fucking day until I found a regular young tender ghetto girl to hook up with. I passed up crackhead after crackhead because I wasn't interested...

Then I saw kiki walking with this other girl and they both had on some tight ass pants and you could see their asses from WAY up the street. Normally, I don't hit on girls two at a time but they were looking so sexy, I figured that I would just holla at both of them and see which one of them I could get. So the first thing I did was blow the horn and wave at them and see if they were interested and they waved back. Then I waited for them to get up the hill a little bit and I made a U-turn so that I would end up meeting them just as they walked through the parking lot of a local park. Before they even got to my car, kiki yelled out, "Can you give us a ride?" and right then, I knew that it was on. 

Like I said, I was going to talk to both girls and let them decide which one would be the one to talk to me and it happened to be kiki who got in the front seat while the other girl who was cute as HELL got in the back seat. I'm going to do my best to get that girl naked on film because her body was perfection and her hips were a little fuller than kiki 's. But since kiki was the girl who picked me, I went with the flow.

It turned out that they were trying to get to a store so that they could buy a blunt to roll some weed in....Somebody gave them some weed and they didn't have anything to smoke it in. So I took them to the store and bought them a blunt and a 40 oz of '2ll' malt liquor...That STRONG ghetto shit...I tried to hook up with them right then but they said that they would call me later on in the day....The problem was that my kids were in church and I wouldn't have time to hook up with them later after the kids got back. Plus I wasn't even sure if she would call me in the first place. A few hours later, she called me and said that she and her girl wanted to come over and smoke but by then it was too late and I told her that we would hook up another time. The good thing is that this girl lives within walking distance of my house so it would be easy to get up with her.

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