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First of all, I'm fucked up right now. I've been drinking a pint of E&J VSOP and I've been smokin some killer weed. My eyes are fucking watering right now. But that's how it's supposed to be. Nothing like being able to be high as hell and work at the same time. What's good about being in the porn business is that you don't have to take a drug test. In fact, a lot of folks in the porn biz do plenty of drugs and alcohol so I'm in good company. I smoked all the time with other pornographers in Las Vegas for the internet porn convention. And I'm going to smoke REALLY BIG during the summer convention in Miami in August. I would love to be a pro athlete, but that ain't gonna happen. I'd like to be a movie actor in Hollywood, and that's a strong possibility if I go out there....But other than the  Sports, Music, Hollywood, Fashion, Politics, Legal, Medical, or High Finance industries, the PORN industries is one of the most fun industries to be involved with. Anyway...Let's get on with this week's girl...I got a lot of shit to write about this week...Thank God I type 100 wpm.

I was VERY lucky to meet this week's girl. The only reason I met her is because I was going over to see this white boy to buy my weekly 50 sack of weed. I had to cut my habit down from 100 per week....$400-$500 a month on WEED is ridiculous! That's a Cadillac car-note payment...Even $200-$250 a month is still too high. Anyway, when I was coming out of the dude's house, she was coming to the house to buy a sack. She's thin but she had a sex appeal that I instantly noticed even though she was covered in winter clothing. I was still outside talking to the dude's mom and she came out after she bought her sack. I hollered at her and gave her a business card and told her if she wanted to make some extra dough and have fun at the same time, just call a nigga. I got this salespitch down to a science now muthafuckas. All you gotta do is get her name, tell her your name, and give her a business card, along with the salespitch and leave it at that. Let the girl go over the offer in her own mind later on. 

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