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The reason that I call this 45 year old woman "Happy Ass Angie", is because I have never met a woman who was so damn happy to make $28.00 in my whole life. I mentioned to y'all last week that this winter is awful. It's snowing every fucking day and it's too hard to find bitches out here. Plus, I have gotten damn near every hoe there is on my side of town. I'm going to have to wait until it gets warm to find some of the young hoes who are just starting to sell their ass for a summer job. Man, I can't wait until it's hot again. I'm gonna run these hoes!

Anyway, since I couldn't find any hoes on my side of town, I have decided to branch off into another side of town. I rarely bring my camera with me when I'm out hunting hoes. I usually find them on the streets, bring them back to the crib, and shoot them there. But since I was going to the other side of town, something told me to bring my camera with me. Even though it could be a risk going into a woman's house that you don't know, I had a gut feeling to bring my expensive camera with me. I've only gotten one other girl from this side of town. Some of y'all might remember her. Her name was "Little Black Gremlin". There are a lot of hoes on this side of town but the cops will harrass the fuck out of you because it's a HIGH drug area. I'm not even in the neighborhood for ten minutes and then I see Angie's skinny ass walking down the street. I toot my horn at her, she waves back at me, and waits for me on one of the side streets as I turn around. 

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