Fifty Cent & Change by Blackvaginafinder







Rain, Heat, Sleet, or Snow, I'll ALWAYS be able to find a woman to get naked!  And this update is an example of that.....Our area of the country was hit with a bad snowstorm and it's fucked up outside and freezing. I was up in my warm comfortable home and I didn't want to go outside but I knew that I had to find some pussy to put up for this week. So I went outside and warmed up the car and got ready to go. I was supposed to take some pictures of another woman that I met but she didn't answer the phone. So instead of paying that woman $70 for some pictures, I figured that I should just hit the streets and find a woman to get naked for my usual street rate of $20. Why not save myself $50 when the women on the streets will do just as good?

Like I said it was very messed up outside and I didn't see any women around the usual spots where the hookers hang out at. I drove all over and I didn't see anybody for a good fifteen minutes. But then, I saw Fifty Cent walking down the street. Since most people don't shovel their sidewalks in my neighborhood, including myself, the people have to walk in the streets to avoid the snow. I call this woman "Fifty Cent & Change" because she's in her Fifties but she still has an ass and some decent titties on her. She has five kids and they're all long grown. This woman isn't a crackhead and she wouldn't have even been on the streets if all of the cars in her family hadn't broken down. When she first got in the car, she asked me if I could go give her daughter's car a jumpstart and I wasn't with it. I don't like standing out in the snow trying to nigga-rig somebody else's car. If their battery goes dead, they need to have an AAA card like I do....She said that at 1:30, her car broke down and at 1:38, her man's car broke down and then her daughter's car wouldn't start because it was so cold outside.

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