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This week's update is a double update with a picture set AND a great blowjob video.....I know that I've shown this girl before and you won't see this girl on here for a long while after this but I had to put this up....I've decided that if I see a girl around and I'm horny, I'm just going to film the sex action regardless of whether or not she's been seen before on this website. No need to waste all that good sex action and not have the moment captured on film. 

The pictures were taken on a different day that the video was shot.  I shot these pictures of her over a month ago.  I wanted to show y'all photographically how much better this girl looks now that she stopped the drugs and gained some weight.  Her ass has grown to be one of the best asses on all of Blackvaginafinder and she has a big ass PLUS a small waist on her. And the pussy sticks up just right when she's doggystyle and it's easy to spread her large asscheeks and go straight in her pussy.

I was sitting at home one recent afternoon and even though I keep telling her not to come over unless she calls first, she decided to knock on my door one HOT day and said that she needed some water.  I knew that the real reason isn't because she was thirsty for water.  She was thirsty for some DICK and some money that would be thrown her way....Luckily for her, I was already intoxicated and horny as hell and she knocked on my door right when I started to jack my own dick off.  So as soon as I saw her, I brought her in and got her on her knees to suck on some of this dick.

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