Eatalot Elsie by Blackvaginafinder








Now THIS is the kind of ghetto chick that I like. I like them slim with flat tight stomachs, smooth long pretty long legs, and a tight round rump on the back of her that's perfect for a big nigga like me to be fuckin. As you already may know, I previously put up a blowjob video featuring me sticking my schlong down her throat. Well in that video, members will see that she didn't really get out from under the blanket the whole time that she was sucking my dick and I really wanted y'all to see how nice this girl's body is. And you gotta see her ass from the back. Just seeing this girl in pants will make your mouth water with lust. Her ass has the nice hump on it and her buttcheeks fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. I'm not going to even show a full backshot of this girl's ass for free because it's that nice. All of you freeloading niggas will see is her slim ass from the side. If you want to see more, you gotta pay muthafuckas. She has the kind of body that I would want my wife to have. And my ex-wife had a great body like this before she had my kids and she still looks great. But GOTDAMN look at Elsie's childless 23 year old young body! It's off the hook. Just rubbing on her bare thigh gives me a chubby.

HOWEVER, this girl is a straight hoodrat. No if's, and's, or but's. She's straight hood......Don't even think about taking her anywhere in public unless you really have a "I don't give a fuck" attitude because she can straight embarrass the average person in public with her loud ass talking about dumb ghetto shit. And white men, you REALLY wouldn't want to be around her anywhere besides a private hotel room because she will have everybody in the place staring at you and wondering how much your dumb white ass is paying that hoodrat to hang around you because there is NO WAY IN HELL that you could pass her off as a normal black girlfriend that just happens to like white men. As SOON as she opens her mouth to say ANYTHING to ANYBODY, they will INSTANTLY be able to tell what's up with her....Fortunately for me, I really don't give a fuck and I'll take her to the most seddity white place that I can find and not give a rats ass. I'll let her cuss and get loud all she wants. But if I start to feel embarrassed, I'll just reach down and feel my fat wallet in my pocket and know that this girl is one of the many girls in my stable of hoe's that's making me some cash and I'm at ease at once.

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