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.....It took me over three weeks from when she called me to me getting her naked. Our plans kept falling through and I am working a lot of hours at my job right now. I finally called last week and didn't expect to see her. Then I almost got upset at her mama on the phone because she scolded me for not asking for her daughter properly. Luckily, I held my tongue and did what her mama asked. Luckily, she was down with the photoshoot and I picked her up after work. 

We got to the Budoir and I rolled up a blunt and poured the liquor to set the mood. When she took her clothes off, she had the most beautiful pitch black skin. I like my women like I like my bacon at breakfast, Black and Crispy! Unfortunately I didn't have any lotion available at the Budoir and the back of her thighs looked like a school child  smeared chalk powder all over a blackboard. ( I will start having lotion AND disposable douche available at the Budoir for models from now on). It really upset me that I didn't have lotion. Dark skin is the best but you had BETTER keep dark skin moist or it will look rusty. I got some cocobutter lotion at the drug store for 99 cents and it smells good as hell. I can have some fun rubbing the lotion on the asses of these girls before the photoshoot from now on.