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Like I said, I met this girl in a nightclub. I was leaving the bar with my drink and I passed this girl who was standing by the dance floor. Since I came from behind, I just lightly touched her around her waist as I walked by and said hello. She smiled back at me and I kept walking. She had on a tight black dress on and I could tell that she had a phat ass on her. But as I was walking away, I turned around and saw this girls ass from the side. I mean her ass was stuck WAY out there. I did an instant U-turn and stood back near the bar and directly behind her. Since I had my drink in my hand, I wasn't going to ask her to dance until I finished my drink, but she turned around and asked me if I wanted to dance. I sat my drink by this old man who was sitting at the bar and met her out on the dance floor. Now I haven't been able to dance lately since most of the places where I hang out have been recently closed to to drugs, tax evasion, etc. etc. So I came to the club that night ready to get my groove on. I'm telling y'all that this girl could move that ass right. Since I'm a damn good dancer once I'm drunk at the nightclub, y'all know that I was working this girls hips and rubbing my dick on her ass all within the rhythm of the music.

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