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If y'all haven't realized already, I am starting to find more girls that aren't out on the streets selling their ass. For example, this week's girl, "Bessie", I recruited from one of our local shopping malls. I was in the mall running some errands and since I carry business cards with me everywhere I go, I was steadily passing out cards to the different hoes in the mall. I don't care if she is a customer or if she works at the mall. If she has an ass on her, I'm going to give her a card.

I saw Bessie talking to some 70+ year old man in the mall who was trying to get his freak on with some young pussy. She had on some tight black jeans and I first saw her from the back. I was instantly turned on by her. I interrupted her conversation with the old man and started giving her the sales pitch. I handed her a card, told her she was sexy, and that I could help her make a little extra cash.

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