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.....These girls stay together in an apartment on top of a building that is owned by the Nation of Islam. Those Muslims have to know that they have two stank pussy-licking  hoes living above them. But as long as they pay the rent, who should judge them? However, they were about to move soon (as evidenced by boxes in the background). Belinda is the first girl and I will show her girlfriend, who I am naming "Black Eye Eva", who is also Married, next week. Boss Bytch Belinda is the dominant girl of the couple. She just got in a fight earlier with her girlfriend and beat the fuck out of her. She said that she DID mean to hurt her but she had a good reason for it. She was saying this while Black Eye Eva stood there so I know she wasn't bullshitting me. I like a bytch that can take a full scale ass whipping and can still be a hoe that's down for the cause.......................................

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