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This is how I found this week's girl, "Bomb Head Bonnie". I found her on a street where I usually don't even see any girls walking. Plus the fact that it was two in the morning on a weekday. I forgot exactly where I was coming from and why I was out at 2 am but it must have been a good reason. But when I saw this woman and her big juicy ass bouncing down the street, I HAD to turn the car around and see what was up with her. Can you believe that this woman is in her forties? As you can see, she has ass for days. She looked too clean and was dressed too conservatively to be a hard core crackhead so when I stopped, I didn't even think that she was on coke. I got her in the car and she smelled just like any other normal middle aged woman with a banging body. I figured that she was on hard times or something and just needed a little extra money to get some milk for a child or something. Boy was I wrong!

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