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......Now this is the fucked up part, Eva looked COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from the last time I saw her. Her Black Eye had healed but she no longer had that black wig on that you see in the pictures. She has natural short BROWN over processed hair under that. I was also fooled into thinking that Eva was not a Crack Head. Since she was beat up and had a black eye before, I couldn't judge what kind of girl she was. This is why you will not see her face in the pictures. She was ashamed to show her black eye. Plus she has a GREAT body on her and that also fooled me. When I saw her this time, I knew she was a crackhead immediately. 

Last Week's girl, Belinda was lying to me afterall. I found out that Eva didn't get her black eye from Belinda, she got it from some nigga who tried to kidnap her while she was out working the prostitution strip. And even though Eva is married like Belinda said, Eva's husband is locked up in the Penitentiary for awhile and is living in this apartment with some nigga who was able to land a half-ass 9-5 job. Even though he's working, they still don't have shit and that is why she still has to work the hoe stroll to make ends meet.

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