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Some of y'all that have been with this website for awhile would already know that I LOVE the big girls. Especially the big girls with phat asses, a cute face, and the icing on the cake, SEXY SLANTED EYES. I go crazy over girls with slanted eyes. The way that I met this girl is proof that you must use persistence and patience to get the good shit.

I mentioned this girl a couple of weeks ago. She's only 18 years old but she turns 19 next month (November 2002). I met this girl while I was out eating at a local buffet with my family. The way the Buffet restaurants are around here, is that you better keep the fried chicken stocked because the niggas and the white folks are going to bring their fat asses in there and eat everything in sight. Sunday afternoons are heavy days. I even saw this fat white dude who was eating his food so fast, he started to choke on his food and one of his family members had to actually do the Heimlich maneuver on him. After his food was dislodged, he sat back down and kept eating.

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