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Yes, I know that I took the past week off. But Hell, it was CHRISTMAS! Even a pornographer like me deserves to take a little holiday here and there. But don't even think that Black Vagina Finder is falling off because I'm far from it. The year 2002 was a successful year and let's hope that 2003 will be even more successful. I hope that any of y'all who are undecided purchasers of my girls will see that I am here for the long term and I want to be YOUR pussy provider this year. 

Anyway, I met this 33 year old woman, "Alcoholic Annie", while she was walking to one of the corner stores in the hood to buy her some beer. She said that she has been drinking all day and she was getting something else to drink. She was dressed nicely and she isn't a crackhead or anything. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time and she was down with making some extra money. It turns out that I used to talk to one of her sisters 10 years ago. She has three other sisters who look just like her. All of them have big asses and big milky titties like Annie does. 

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