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....I immediately grabbed my camera and hopped in the hooptie. Five minutes later I picked them up. I made a deal to give Doris the usual $20 and to give Belinda a $10 "finder's fee". We got to the Budoir and the first thing Doris saw when she walked in the door was the full bottle of Paul Masson Brandy on the table. She said loudly "WOOOOOOH!!" and went straight for the bottle. She said that she needed a shot first to get her in the mood. So I poured Belinda and Doris a large shot. Both of these women keep chitterchattering the fuck out of me, well mainly it was Doris.

Belinda could have just kept her $10 and watched the photoshoot but she went ahead and got naked without me asking her. Once the liquor started taking effect, we were able to get down to business. It turns out that Belinda is Bisexual and she has a lot of girlfriends that will be willing to get naked and will do some freaky shit on film and video. So look out for more of The Adventures of Pot Belly Belinda and Her Freaky Deaky Girlfriends in the future. I'm about to make Pot Belly a STAR!

Members will notice in the pictures that Drunkin Doris did not let the drink leave her hand during most of the photo shoot.........

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