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If you like the old grannies, this honie is for you. I met this woman as she was walking on one of the main hooker strips in my area. She was wearing a tight black dress. From far away, she looked younger than what she did when I saw her close up. When you see her walking from the front, you would notice that her neck is crooked and her head leans to one side. It's like she's shrugging her shoulders to say "I don't know", except only one shoulder is held up. 

Of course I didn't give a fuck because the motto of BlackVaginaFinder is "If She Has A Pussy, She's Qualified!". And since I knew that this crooked neck having heifer had a pussy up under that dress, I picked her up. She has the grey hair and all of that shit like she's really old but in reality, she's only 39. Once I got her to the back to the house, she then admitted to me that she was on her period but it was "her last day". She then pulled down her draws and there was a big dark red patch of blood up in there. Back before I did porn, I would have vomited at the sight. But I've seen, touched, and smelled so many stank, diseased, wart having pussies since I have started this website, a little period blood doesn't even phase me. However, I damn sure wasn't trying to see no stank pussy with blood in it so she had to go to the bathroom and scrub that pussy clean before I was going to take any pictures. You know that I wasn't about to give her one of my new clean cloths just to rub that raggedy twat. I handed her one of my old rags that I scrub the bathtub with. Members won't see anything but juicy granny pussy. None of that period blood is anywhere in sight. 

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