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This woman is 39 years old and has a few kidz. Once she took her clothes off, she didn't look half bad. For an older lady with kidz, her body was pretty tight. Her tits were smooth and felt good, she had a nice caramel ass and she had a good smelling, healthy looking pink pussy. She also didn't have a lot of marks on her body like most of these street hoes do. She liked to smile a lot even though her teeth were kind of brown. This is why you won't see her smiling in any of these pictures. But if you were drunk and high, horny, with nothing else around to fuck and with the lights dim, IT WOULDN'T FUCKING MATTER if she was smiling at you because you would have her bent over sliding your dick in her. Some of y'all niggas need to STOP LYING talkin about y'all wouldn't fuck these street brawds. 

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