Your favorite, Butta Butt

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Wed. Apr. 25 Your favorite,"Butta Butt

I know that she's been on here many times but she called me and I haven't seen her in the whole time that I've moved back home.....Her beer belly has grown but besides that, she has the same smooth body she's always had....

When I came over her friends house, she gave me a big hug and I squeezed that nice ass.....Then we went back in the bedroom and did what we had to do....If you don't know about butta butt, just look back on the older stories and you will see...I've known this woman since she was a fresh 31 year old bad attitude having woman on the west side and I plan on knowing her for many more years.

So Click Here To Join to see all of the action....And I'll see y'all next week with a nice thick sexy dark skinned girl that I shot less than an hour after I filmed with Butta Butt that I couldn't pass up when I saw her...



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