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Most of my readers will remember the young tender girl, "Money", whose pictures I put up three weeks ago. I've been getting email stating that you're ready to see this girl in some video action. Well, I finally was able to catch up to her...As I said before, this girl likes to run the streets a lot and hang out with her girlfriend "Ashy Tasha" who is also on this website....Those girls sleep all day and hang out all night getting their swerve on so it isn't like they're sitting at home living the square life and waiting for a nigga to call them up to get naked....I actually had to shoot two girls in the same day. The first girl I shot was "Money" and the other girl is a girl who has been on this website before but now she's pregnant and I LOVE to show a woman's body while she is glowing with motherhood with breasts full of fresh breastmilk...But she's next week's girl.

Back to Money, as you can see, Money has a bruised up left eye...As soon as she got in the car, she said "Don't look at my eye". But I'm not going to listen to that and I asked her what in the fuck happened to her eye....She said that she had a fight with her girlfriend and she blacked her eye up. She also said that even though her eye was fucked up, I should see what her girlfriend's face looked like because it was even more fucked up...Money's girlfriend fought her because she didn't like the fact that Money likes to go around and trick (sell sex) with these old men out here on the streets and make that money...But the thing is that her girlfriend isn't putting any money in her pocket and it's Money that's bringing in the bacon right now....But since Money is in love with this girl, she puts up the fact that they constantly argue and fight and shit since they've been through so much together....I'm not mad at her for this but damn. She could be making so much money if she or even BOTH of them put themselves in the care of a nigga who could manage them right and get some money. There's NO FUCKING REASON that this young fine ass girl and her friend who also has a nice body to not be making money....I told "Money" that if I had her like her girlfriend had her, we'd be living the good life. She's been offered trips out of town with big money niggas before and she didn't go because she was too hung up with her girlfriend. I told her that she doesn't have to leave her girlfriend alone but she needs a strong nigga to keep her in line....I wish I could be the one to do it but it isn't realistic. I have children and I can't be on the streets pimpin girls and getting high. I'll just stick to the pictures and videos for now...Once you get into the "management" aspect, shit gets all fucked up because one of the hardest things to do is to get these girls focused on money and not on all of the other shit that fucks them up in life. 

So once we get back to my crib, I tell her that I have another girl who is already in my house and she'll be upstairs while we do the shoot. I had a girl that I met on that turns 18 in June and she lives in a city two hours from me. So I went to pick her up and keep her at my house for a couple of days but the young girl knew not to come downstairs and get in my business so "Money" never saw the girl even though she wanted to meet her....As soon as that young girl turns 18 this summer, I'll have her butt naked up on this site because she already asked me if she could do a sex video with me...I told her to wait her turn and everything will be alright....But back to "Money", she was sucking my dick like a champion. She sucked my balls a little bit but I fucked up and didn't wipe my balls before the videoshoot so they might have been a little musty..I could tell as soon as she popped one of my balls in her mouth and as soon as she tasted it, she went back up to working on my dick!...Haha!. But I don't care because I'm gonna bring her back again and fuck her good on video because I like this girl so much. She's full of passion and she is a man pleaser. So that means that she wants to make sure that you are enjoying your blowjob that she's giving you....If I had a condom nearby, I would have sunk my dick in her...In fact, I was just tempted to bend her young ass over and fuck her raw and bust a nut in her. But I remained professional and let her suck my dick for all of you to see. 

So Click Here To Join to see the video of this sweet young thang's lips wrapped around my dick. Damn it felt so good and she's so sweet and passionate and friendly. If I didn't have children to raise, I would have never let her leave my house again. She would have moved in that day and I would have taken care of her and put her to work because she NEEDS it badly....I hope that you members enjoy her as much as I did. I'm DEFINITELY going to be jacking off to her videos for years to come...I make my videos for the man who wants to jack off. They're not too long and they're to the point...I don't do a lot of talking to the girl for a long time about her life before she gets to slurping on my penis. That's what this long ass written story is for. So once you download my videos, you had already have your dick greased up because you're gonna see butt nakedness and dick sucking as soon as you start one of my videos. I guarantee it....Fuck that talking shit. There's a time to be funny and there's a time to get off and I know the difference between the two. 

I'll see y'all next time with this sexy phatass pregnant honey that I have. Damn I love that woman too!

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