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When I took these girls pictures a few months ago, I got a lot of positive response from y'all. I got email after email wanting to see this girl sucking some dick...Like I said the last time, I met this girl on one of the phone chatlines. She was 18 at the time and she just turned 19 years old and just happened to get her own apartment right around the corner from me....When I met her for the first time, she was sucking my dick but she wouldn't do it on camera and said that she wouldn't do that....Even though I know that all girls say that at first, I believed her for some reason. I was about to start working her at the strip clubs but when she acted like she didn't want to pay me, I had to leave her alone....Since females always make sure to let a nigga know that it's business first, I'm sure to let them know the same thing. If I'M not getting paid, don't bother calling me late at night for a ride or to watch out for you while you strip at the club....The blowjobs were nice of course but I get blowjobs all of the time so we stopped talking for a minute.

But then she called me up two weeks ago and let me know that she moved nearby. She also told me that she wanted to "make some money"....Like alot of girls do, she tried to ask if I wanted to take some more pictures of her and I said no. If she wanted to get paid, we had to do a video....I told her that she had to give me some of that bomb ass head of hers on video and I told her what I would pay her to do it. She agreed and we set a date to get it done...The day I was supposed to shoot her, last week's girl, "Toothpick Terri" called me with the story about needing money for her daughter's birthday party...So I called "Sweet Tender" at the time that we agreed and she didn't pick up the phone. That's why I ended up with Terri....Hunting pussy is my hobby but if I'm going to attract and retain paying customers, I gotta keep coming with these girls and if the woman is hiding out, I'm not going to chase her. I'm going to let one of the 4 to 5 other girls on average that call me every week trying to get paid get naked for me. I don't discriminate...Biz is Biz.

Obviously, we set up another time to do this or you wouldn't be seeing the vidcaps above...As you can see, she has a nice tight young body on her. Her ass is solid fucking muscle! When you squeeze it, her cheeks barely move...That's how tight her ass is. I didn't jack off for a few days and I massaged my balls so I had a nice load ready to bust in her face...I went and picked her up, brought her back to my crib, took a drink of liquor, a puff or two of ganja, pulled my pants off, and sat on the couch to prepare to feed her this dick....She got down to business like I knew that she could do...Her mouth was feeling so good that I just started to bust the nut so I pulled out and glazed her chin with some thick jello nut. You can only get nut thick like that with a solid testicular massage program...You see how that nut hangs from her chin like glue? I could have repopulated all of North America with all of the babies that I had in that sperm.

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