Fri. April 1, 2011. "Woozy" returns and gives some heart attack head!

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See I love when I run into females that I haven't seen for a year or two....For one, it's someone that I'm already comfortable with, and for two, it's cheaper, because unless her body has changed significantly, I don't have to pay as much for the woman because I'm just paying for a blowjob...

So when I was out in my hunting grounds and saw this woman, at first, I wasn't sure about her....I DID know that she at least gave me some decent head....Most of the girls on this website can suck a good dick so it's easier to remember the girls who DON'T do a good job than the girls who do.....So when I first saw her, I didn't initially know that I had named this woman "woozy"...I just knew that I have seen her before.....I didn't know until it was over and I was at home, did I remember.....I remembered because on the drive back home after this blowjob, I was sleepy as a muthafucka....Then it dawned on me that this woman's name was "Woozy"....

There is something about this woman that sucks the life out of you when she gives you some head....She's like a cum vampire....She drank every drop of my load and I was backed up to the point to where the cord behind my left nut was starting to hurt.....I love it when a woman makes me moan like a bitch when I'm getting some head and there is no shame in my game. Her mouth is nice and wet and she makes a lot of sucking and slurping noises when my dick is in her mouth.....It's the kind of blowjob that makes you fall in love with a bitch.....seriously.

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