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Some of y'all were trying to hate on Tae-Tae via email last week but a LOT of y'all liked her also and it showed with the sales. But those pictures that I showed you last week are NOTHING compared to this blowjob video that I'm putting up this week. 

Like I said before, I used to like this girl back in high school but she wouldn't give me any play. Well I finally got my nut off with her after 15 years of waiting. After I took the pictures of her before, I told her that I would be calling her soon so that we could do a blowjob video. So I didn't jack off or have sex for a whole week just so that I would be nice and horny for a blowjob from her. I also made sure that my dick was on hard because I popped a Levitra "erectile dysfunction" pill.....Let me tell y'all something about Levitra. It's not a little blue pill like Viagra but it's an even smaller brown pill. There's something about the chemicals in Levitra that makes my dick go BOING!...I get the hookup from this white girl and I get four pills for $20.

I called her on her cell phone and her "trick" aka "man" answered the phone. I asked for Tae-Tae and he put her on the phone.  I asked her what she was doing and she was about to go out with her man for the evening. I told her that I wanted to know if she wanted to make this money and she said that she would be busy that night....Then she asked me how much money and I told her and she said, "Ok, but we gotta hurry it up".

Since I live a few minutes drive from her, It was a very bright and HOT sunny day....Hot enough to make you sweat from the moment you step out of the front door so I first popped the Levitra pill, ran upstairs and took a shower. But first, I shaved the jungle that they call pubic hair off of my dick and balls and then when I was in the shower and scrubbed my balls and ass nicely to get rid of all of the sweat, funk, and asscrust that had accumulated on me, put a little babypowder on, and hopped in the car...I took my time with the shower and getting ready because I needed at least 20 minutes for the pill to take effect....One more thing about my shaved ballsack...It's gotta be the most smoothest softest skin I've ever touched in my life...My shaved nutsack skin is SMOOTHER than a baby's ass.....Anyway, I made sure that my dick and balls were on point so that she would have no problem slurping on them once I picked her up. 

I don't care what anybody of y'all say. I LIKE Jet Black girls with strong African features ( high cheekbones, the "negro slanted" eyes, wide bridge noses, full lips, etc.) and just looking at this girl with her big lips sucking on my penis would have probably made me hard even without the Levitra. And I especially like a girl that's lean and has a toned muscular body. I just can't get enough of that shit.. I'm getting a little woody just writing about it....The head was THAT GOOD! She could suck a MEAN dick! This girl had me moaning like a bitch. That's when you know you're getting a good blowjob is when you're a grown ass man and moaning like a bitch while getting head....And you could clearly see that the girl was enjoying sucking my dick...She knows how to use her tongue and take her time with it. She also knows how to look you straight in the eye while she's gobbling your cock....I can't stress enough how INCREDIBLE her dick sucking skills were....The paying members will see how I asked her if she sucked on her man's dick like that and that is why the nigga is so pressed about her"....

I've accumulated a good amount of exclusive blowjob videos on this site. And over time, I'll just be getting more and more of them. But I must say that this girl's blowjob was in the top three blowjobs on this whole website. This girl gives the kind of head that makes a niggas head spin and has him thinking all kinds of thoughts that he shouldn't be thinking....For instance, towards the end of the video where I'm standing up and she's sitting on the couch sucking my dick, you'll see how she was rubbing her pussy while she was sucking me and then said, "Look at this fat clit". I looked down and sure enough the girl had a fat ass clit on her...And she was rubbing her pussy and everything and I ALMOST went ahead and fucked her right there and she would have let me do it..... I didn't care if the camera was in my hand or not. The only thing that stopped me is that I didn't have any condoms nearby and I wasn't about to hit it raw...Plus the blowjob was so good, I wanted to nut in her face.

Y'all are going to see this girl again. I don't like to film myself fucking but I'm about to hit that pussy on video real soon. As long as I have a good expensive condom on, I'm gonna jump up in that pussy balls deep....

But for this video, it's just some of the best head I've had in a long ass time. I've also developed a new way to create a good squirting cumshot. What I do is squeeze my dick hard when I ejaculate and hold it in there for a few seconds to let the nut build up in the dick. Then I just let go and BLAMMO! I sock the girl in the face with a blast of sperm!..That's what I did with this girl. I had her set up and I knocked the fuck out of her with my sperm...It was like giving her a punch in the mouth cause she jerked back like a muthafucka when that hot creamy cum blast hit her on those beautiful big black bubble lips.

In between spitting and choking, she said something funny. She said "Get your kids off of me", meaning my sperm....That shit cracked me up....So Click Here To Join to enjoy this fabulous blowjob video. I'm telling you now that this video is a classic...I'm just now editing the video the day I'm doing this update. I shot it almost a week ago...I had my video camera all greasy because I was jacking off to the little screen on the camcorder...This blowjob was THAT FUCKING GOOD!

I'll see y'all next week with even more pussy..And be sure to check out my online journal at www.MrNoGood.com


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