Twenty Dolla Holla

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I am SO GLAD that it is now nice outside. I can now go outside and find some cheap street females to use for the website. I got tired of paying all of that money out to these regular hoodrats. The hustlers you find out on the streets always offer you a better bang for your buck. I was driving outside today and I saw so many tender young females outside. They had nice fresh boobies popping out...newly formed hips and asses, and super flat washboard stomachs..I saw this one girl who had all her shit popping out and she had a friend with her. She was switching her ass and flaunting her body and waving to the cars as they passed by to blow their horns at her....I blow my horn at the girl and she waves and smiles at me so I turn around. I turn on a side street and wait by the stop sign for them to come by that corner. When she told me how old she was, I hit that gas pedal mighty fast and got the hell out of there. What are these girls eating? 

Right after I left the young girls, I went back to my normal hunting route. I saw this girl, "Twenty Dolla Holla" standing a little ways from her house. She was about to barbecue some meat but she didn't have a grill. So she "borrowed" a grill from a yard across the street. She had a grill and she had some meat, but she didn't have any charcoal, so she had scraped up some twigs and branches from some trees in the neighborhood. Then I came along and offered her twenty dollars for some quick naked pictures and she was down. This woman has a pretty decent body for being 40 years old....She had six children so that is really saying something about her body. She also has a good personality and that's a plus...And it helps that she thought that I was a " Cute Sexy Black Muthafucka" :)

We get to her house and I get the wide open pussy and asshole pictures as usual. While she was doggystyle and I was looking at all of that ass, I asked her if she could give some good head and she said that she has been told so....

So Click Here To Join to see the pussy and asshole pictures.....After I took the pictures, I started a new technique to save me some money on the women. Before, I would first take pictures of a woman and then have her come back later and pay her again to give me a blowjob...NOW, due to my years in the online porn industry, I have learned the magic technique called the "upsell". In essence, I bring the girl to the house and have her agree to a price for some this case, it was $20...So instead of having her come back later and pay her maybe $50, I ask her if she wants an extra $20 to suck my dick...I've realized that once the girl is naked and already comfortable with taking the pictures, you don't have to offer her much more to be willing to put your dick in their mouth....I offered her the twenty dollars extra and she readily accepted the offer...Since I just shot this video this afternoon, it will take me a little time to feed the video into my computer and turn it into a file....So meanwhile, enjoy the wonderful pictures that I have taken...

I gave her a few business cards with the promise of "referral fees" to bring me some of her girlfriends and she said that she has plenty. Let's hope that she's for real. 

It's spring, the budding beauties are out, and it won't stop for me baby!. Viva La Blackvaginafinder!

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