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Now that I have transformed this site from just a behind the times picture site with small vid clips from my still camera to television quality video, I have been on a mission to find girls that I've taken pictures of before and getting them doing something on video. I hardly have any time to hunt any women while my kids are with me this summer, so I have to rely on using girls that I already know....I've always liked this girl who I met two years ago through another model on this website. I always liked how she had the good customer service skills and she was always able to play to the camera. Plus her ass was big and heavenly. When you see this girl doggystyle, you know that she has some hot pussy...

I always wanted to see how good this sexy woman sucked some dick but two years ago, I was doing only pictures. And when I wanted to use her for a video later on and called her, her phone number was disconnected. I was highly disappointed and I knew that there was no way that I would be able to find her with her address that was on her ID because people don't give a fuck who's address they use for those things.....Luckily, I decided to go out to a nightclub that was 18 and over. They were having an "Onions and Apples" contest where all of these young tender girls came to show off their asses.  I knew that school has recently ended and all of the young girls are anxious to finally go to a club now that they are 18...And I couldn't pass up a club full of young teenage girls. There was no way in the world I was going to do that.

I get to the club and from the beginning, it wasn't my night. Shit was just going against me. I am coming towards the club and I see another girl who has been on this website named Toothpick Terri coming out of the club. This club is her hangout and she goes there every weekend to shake that lil bitty ass like a stripper and have some of the younger girls hating on her...She said that she was ready to go home and she looked kind of pissed off. She also said that they weren't letting anybody in since it was the 4th of July...I knew that I was going to get in that club then. I get in line and they tell us that it costs 15 to get in and it normally costs 5...Then I almost get in a fight in the line before I even go in the fucking club. My kids are with my mother for the night and I'm not about to get locked up so I diffuse the situation and the dude that I almost fought ended up helping me get in the club. 

Now I'm in the club and there are young chicks everywhere. But for some reason I didn't feel too good. The bartender gave me the wrong drink so I ended up with two free shots of liquor but I was already drunk and only needed one shot. I couldn't give that shot of liquor away to save my life and I ended up drinking it. I guess the way I felt inside showed on the outside because I couldn't pull any females, I didn't dance once, I wasn't able to get even one phone number inside the club and I couldn't even give a card out because my dumbass only had three business cards with me. 

The night ends and it's time to go home. I'm about to walk back to my car in defeat and then I see Buffalo Rump walking up the sidewalk along with another girl that I've taken pictures of.....I got her new phone number and that's the only good thing that happened to me all night....I called her up a few days ago and asked her if she wanted to give some head. I picked her up at a house that had at least ten other niggas living in there and brought her to the crib..We did a little drinky drinky and smokie smokie and once she gets her buzz on, she can suck a mean dizznick! She could work the balls good and everything. And she isn't afraid to take the cum in the mouth. She licks it up like twinkie cream.. I like it when they're willing to get nasty.

So Click Here To Join and see the crystal clear television quality video of this good blowjob session. I continue to bring the girls from the hood while the other copycats struggle. I want to give a shoutout to dude from He used to message me only a couple months ago telling me how he was going to keep the fire lit under my ass in terms of him being my competition...I guess that he was just another struggling webmaster who in a last ditch effort, tried to piss me off enough to mention his site up on here. Well, he succeeded at that...Too bad he failed in business...

I'll see y'all next week with more pussy. 

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