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Let's get something straight right off the top. This woman is 27 years old and has four to five kids that she popped out naturally. And I have a copy of her ID to prove it so Federales, step off! I had to say that because before I put these pictures up, a friend of mine said that the girl looked 12 and she ain't nowhere near 12. 

If you have been following this website, you would know that I did a video with this woman around six months ago. She gave some lame ass head and then when I tried to fuck her in the ass, I creamed all in her ass crack before I could get it in good....I met this girl thanks to my now ex-wife because when my ex-wife put that fake ass domestic violence charge on me, I met Terri in front of the police station as I was coming from court and she was going to court on a driving on a suspended license charge....We exchanged numbers and after a couple of weeks, I had her over my house and was digging up in that pussy. She had some good tight pussy on her and she has a lot of sexual energy. She can ride a dick like a champion and since she only weighs 95 pounds, she's really easy to maneuver while you're fucking. You can flip her and bounce her and not exert any energy because she doesn't weigh anything...The only bad thing about her pussy was those pussy hairs. She has some BB-shot steel wool type of pussy hair...It's almost like putting your dick between two Brillo Pads to find the sweet wet tight pussy in the middle. 

Over time, I have gotten to know this female and she's a nice person...I used to see her at the club where she would go every weekend, dress in a sexy outfit, and dance like a stripper all night on the dance floor while some jealous bitches would look at her wishing that they could do what she did...Terri has a real arrogant female friend who REALLY isn't all like that...She ain't cute, wears glasses, and the only thing good about her is her ass...I'm standing by the dance floor and I see Terri's friend shaking her ass so I reach out and touch her...She stops dancing, turns around, and says "Don't Touch Me"....I just shrugged my shoulders and said "whatever" and forgot about her for the night....Around where I live, it is acceptable for the men to reach out and grab the women that they want in the clubs. In fact the women expect you to do it so don't think I'm acting like a Neanderthal when I go out to a nightclub. 

So last week, I get a call from the female. She calls me every once in awhile when she is in a financial bind. The last time she called me, she said that she needed $300 to fix her car and I told her that she better get to the strip club and shake it to make that money. Why waste time on the phone begging niggas when you have a body like that?  This time when she calls me, she has a different approach:


Me:     Hello

Her:     Hey what's up. I was just calling to see how you were doing.

Me:     Oh ok. So what's been up with you lately?

Her:     Oh Nothing....I'm getting ready for my daughter's birthday party tomorrow.

Me:      For real?..Well maybe I can take some pics of you today but only if the other girl I have planned falls through.

Her:     OK!! I'll call my neighbors so that I can get them to watch my kids. Call me right back and let me know.

The translation is that she needed some money to help pay for her daughter's birthday party and she was calling me to see if I could help her out with a couple of dollars to help her cover the cost......And since I only did a video with this girl, and since some of y'all don't have high speed internet, and since people email me about wanting to see pictures too, I decided to go ahead and make her day and take some pictures of her. Especially since the other girl I was supposed to shoot didn't call me until later on that evening to say that she wouldn't be available yet.

Instead of bringing her over to my house, I went over to the projects on the other side of town to take pics of her in her own apartment. I never liked going over there because she ALWAYS has niggas hanging out in front of her building whether it's day or night and I always see this one crackhead sitting on a stoop in front of the door. I'm gonna have to ask Terri if I can shoot her pictures one day.....I go in and since she lives in a two bedroom apartment along with her four to five kids, it definitely looks like a lot of kids live in there...Even though she sleeps on the couch in front of the television most of the time, we went back to her bedroom to take the pictures. When she got her clothes off, I forgot how sexy and little this woman was.  Look at her stomach. It's flat...How in the hell can her stomach be flat with four to five kids?  The only thing you can notice is that her skin around her stomach is a little loose. Other than that, there is no evidence that she even had any kids....Y'all gotta see this one picture that I have of her from the back where she's doggystyle and I have her left asscheck in my hand while I'm spreading her twat. That pussy opened so fucking wide that you could basically see her cervix up in there! 

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