TNT big old lady makes dick go boom

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I just shot this woman yesterday and it's coming fresh out of my camera....I really have to stock up on some more bitches because this living hand to mouth shit is exciting, yet risky....Just like right now.....Say my van breaks down tomorrow and it will take a week to fix it....Or since I'm in the Midwest, a snow storm could happen at any time around here....That means that YOU don't get anymore new pussy because I haven't even shot next week's update yet....This shit has gotta change so I will be going back to my pre-summer routine of shooting two women a week from now until Summertime. Then I will once again be able to just kick back, relax and serve the fresh black pussy every week. 

Anyway, this week's woman, 'TNT' was found in my usual hunting grounds and it was COLD AS A MUTHFUCKA outside yesterday....This woman is the first and last woman that I saw the whole day who was out there on the streets.....However, when it's cold, the woman who is willing to get her ass out there is the one who will be getting all of the money that day.......When I hit the streets, I have 3 main spots where I hunt for women...I have a first, second, and third choice....So when I drive, I usually drive to my first choice and if I don't find anything there, I go to the 2nd and then the 3rd.....But on this day, I started off at my 3rd choice and I saw absolutely nobody out on the streets....It was the same way at my second choice but right when I was about to give up, I peeped this 41 year old woman's wide hips coming down one of the side streets......I sped to the next corner and wrapped my way back around the block....I got back to her and got her in the van and the first thing she said when she got in was, "This is some good heat in here.".....I told her that she was now riding in my "Crib On Wheels" and that if it's cold outside, it's warm in my van and if it's hot outside, It's cool in there......Then I gave her the sales pitch and she agreed....As a matter of fact, when it's freezing outside, I make sure to drive around for a long time so that the whole van is nice and heated as it's hard to heat up an non-insulated cargo van. 

I already knew that she had a decent body on her due to the tightness of her jeans when I saw her walking so I wasn't surprised when her phat ass popped out of her jeans and the aroma of her ass gently filled the van and mixed in with the heat that I had blasting since I leave the van running when I park to shoot a scene....She had some fat wrinkly hanging pussy lips and a gaping pussy once it was spread out....I made sure to get the upclose wide open shots of her black pussy and the upclose view of her asshole....

Before we shot the blowjob scene, I asked her if she gave good head and I've realized that if the woman says something like "hell yeah" or "most definitely", then I know that I'm going to get a nice one....If she just says yes, then it's a tossup....So when she said, "Hell yeah", I was ready for a treat and she didn't disappoint me.....This is a woman that truly loves to suck dick and loves the feeling of a man's cum shooting in her mouth.....See, the reason that I call her TNT is that she made me literally explode a wad of hot thick cum in her mouth...I knew that I was going to have a nice load ready because I was fondling my ballsac the day before as I sat in my recliner chair and I noticed that my balls had shrunk a little and felt as hard as two hard boiled eggs in my sac....When my balls get full, normally my balls swell up and have that full feeling....But if my balls shrink and get hard, then the next woman needs to look out because I'm REALLY filled with cum then.....

Now I don't know when I'm going to have one of these explosive orgasms as they don't happen often and I gotta wait until the first shoot of sperm to really know what is happening....Now I have very nice strong orgasms regularly but this ejaculation was one of epic proportions when I shoot and shoot and shoot for an extended period of time...This is what happened in this video...In the sample video, you can tell by the way I was hollering that I was experiencing intense pleasure......Afterwards, I forgot to ask her to swallow my cum before I turned off the camera...I figured that she was going to spit because she kept talking while holding that big load of man chowder in her mouth....But then I just told her to swallow it and she immediately did it, said "ahhhhhh", and said that it wasn't anything for her to do that.....I really liked this woman and I hope that I run into her again one day.

So Click Here To Join to see the upclose pussy and asshole photos, along with her blowjob video......And I'll see y'all next week with some more ghetto black pussy from the streets.......I also wanted to give a shoutout to that honie that called me from Louisville, Kentucky...I haven't gotten around to calling you back yet but you asked for a shoutout and here it is....



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