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I'm getting very good at finding girls to get naked just by dialing some numbers on my cell phone. It is much easier to to get girls by referrals than it is to hunt them down in the streets like I usually do. In my neighborhood, there are the drug dealers (what is left of them), the pimps, the niggas who lucked up on a good job, and the other people who got a lawsuit settlement or hit the number. Everybody else around here that is my age and younger is broke and uneducated with no chance of EVER making more than $7.00 an hour. Oh well....all the more welfare section 8 mama's for me to have all to myself.  In my neighborhood, I am getting to be known as the picture takin internet nigga with plenty of cash who pays girls to get naked. I'm a somewhat of a phenomenon in my hood. I'm able to get paid legally off of pussy. I can go to the club and buy up the bar, having fine hoes surrounding me while these broke thug niggas stand back trying to look hard.. I can make a broke, no food in the refrigerator having, non-phone bill paying, bus-takin hoe's dream come true by just opening up my wallet and dazzling them with the multitude of green notes and credit/debit cards.  This is the third week in the row where I haven't posted a crackhead on this website. I also haven't had to smell a stank pussy in three weeks..AMAZING! But don't worry though. It will be warm this coming weekend. Plenty of hoes gonna be outside trying to make some cash!

Let me quit rambling and get to the girl at hand. I'll ramble some more after this....Thugged out Gigi is 22 years old and is the blood sister of another girl that I featured on this website during the holidays named Thanksgiving Ham Hock.(who has 7 more months left in jail on an array of warrants and charges) ...As you can see from her picture that these girls are the complete opposite in size..Gigi came over with this other girl who I had at the budoir before and almost got naked, but she chickened out.

I picked Gigi up in the projects where she lives with her lover who I happened to meet out and about last summer. Her name is Tiny and she is petite and dark with a luscious phat ass. I'll be getting her naked soon also. Gigi is gay and she doesn't mess with men at all. This is what she looks like when she has clothes on. For the Lesbian women, she is what you call a "Dom". She's straight thugged out and she doesn't act feminine at all even though Gigi said that she could act feminine if she needed to. She's cool as hell though. Hanging out with her would be like  like hanging out with a cool little nigga. You could go out with her to the club and catch bitches all night long.

So for all of you men and gay women, I made sure to capture her juicy tight miniature pussy for you. I also got the asshole nice and proper. I'm going to try to get a girl/girl shoot going on with her and her lover, Tiny, later on.. Gotdamn she's sexy! I'll just have to open up my wallet and let the cash do the talking. The more all of you support me, the more cash I will be spending on the liquor, the weed, and the hoes! It's all a game baby 

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